Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Pete the Cat Rocks It Back to School

I have a stash of books that I use for the first week of school. I love them cause they are fail safe and of all the times in the year, this is the week I need things to go super smoothly. One of my absolute faves is this one.
I love it for so many reasons - it's cute, kids love Pete the Cat and we can sing it after. But, it became part of my B2S book collection a few years ago when I had a little boy in my class who just wasn't adjusting well. He missed home all the time. Usually all I wanted to do was grab him, hug him and tell him I kinda missed home too, but I digress… I needed him to feel good about school, about the routines and the new surroundings and so I picked up this book and started reading, hoping the whole time that he'd connect with it. As always, Pete saved the day and this kid was hooked. Hooked on Pete, hooked on the music, the rhythm, the story, all of it. As far as school was concerned, he was good to go and I had Pete to thank for it. The story just gave this kid the little bit of reassurance he needed and a great character to fall in love with.

Later that same school year, I was looking through my library for my Pete the Cat books and the basket was completely empty. After some searching, I found every single title in this little boy's read to self folder. Pete - the Cat that lasts and lasts.

Check out this great story for starting the school year off right. Plus a great freebie to go with it. Just click the pic.


  1. I love Pete too, especially the earliest books. Thanks for the cute freebie!