Friday, 24 April 2015

Measure a Kindergartener and a Place Value Freebie

Hi There

We've been learning about measurement in my class. It's probably one of my favourite Math units. It's so fun! Once we made the switch from non standard to standard units and my kids all knew what a centimetre was, we were measuring everything we could get our hands on. It makes it so much easier when first graders have a reference point and you tell them how long an Ananconda is (very popular snake in my class at the moment) and they can totally relate. So, to finish off the unit, we decided to measure a Kindergartener. Just for fun.

We had a blast! And Kindergarten kids can be very cooperative when they're being measured. It was great hands on learning for my kids. Afterward, we took all of our data and arranged the Kinders in order of height from shortest to tallest.

Before I let you go, I have a little Freebie for you. Place Value is a work in progress in my class right now, so we are always practicing. Here's a little practice for you. Just click on the picture to download.
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  1. Hi, Leslie!
    I love your kids' faces as they're being measured! My second graders love measurement, too.

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