Saturday, 7 February 2015

Polar Bear Writing and a Shapes Freebie

Just before I give you an update on what's being going on in my classroom, I just want to tell you how cold it has been here. It is sooooo cold that even my little fur ball of a dog will only stand on the deck for a few seconds before begging to come in. And she loves to be outside, so that's saying something.

Since it is so cold, we've been learning about an amazing animal that just happens to love that kind of weather - the Polar Bear. You gotta love them. While I was researching the Polar Bear, I came across this movie and ended up watching it. It's fantastic and the scenery is beautiful.
My kids are little so I only showed them parts of it, the Polar Bear parts of course. We did lots of great activities during this unit, but my favorite was this writing.
My kids wrote about The Life of a Polar Bear Cub. To get them pumped for their writing, I started with this great story.
It's basically a day in the life of a Wombat. Really cute read and it helped my kids to imagine that they were polar bear cubs when they were writing. 

Now we are onto Penguins and Shapes cause I am hoping to make these two things come together at some point. Click on any of the pics to download.

And since Valentine's Day is only a week away, I've got a Freebie for you. Just click!
Stay warm for the weekend.

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