Thursday, 30 October 2014

Line Up - Single File

If you are at all like me, you've noticed that some things work really really well in your classroom, while other things just don't. I spend a lot of time self evaluating, not just my teaching, but all that goes with that - classroom management, housekeeping around the room, logistics, you get my drift I'm sure. And I am constantly making lists. I make so many lists that I actually bought myself this semi huge Post-it pad (it's like bigger than letter size I swear) and I fill it up with stuff to do, check em all off, rip the page off and start again with yet another To Do list. Every time a new idea pops into my head, I write it on the post-it list otherwise it may never pop into my head again.

So, one thing that was just not working in my class was the line up. I don't mean the line-up to go to recess or lunch, I mean the LINE UP, the one kids make when they have rushed through finished their work and just can't wait to show you. For me, this line up is my enemy. It starts out straight, then it takes a right curve, then a left, then the talking starts, there's touching, some poking, it's anarchy. And as this line begins to snake across my room, it blocks my sight lines and what was, 2 minutes before, a very quiet class working diligently has now turned into Happy Hour at The Keg.

I needed to fix this once and for all. So I put it on my list, gave it some thought and came up with this.
I know, I'm really fortunate I can write right on the floor with a Sharpie! Now the LINE UP has some order (no pun intended). You stand on a face and wait your turn. Rules - only 4 kids at any given time. No touching - how could you anyway the reach is too far now. Wait quietly so that the person who is with the teacher can concentrate. And I am happy to say it works like a charm. 

Just wanted to end by saying Happy Halloween. My kids took this sweet little book home for homework today.

It's on sale and so is everything else in my store. 

Whatever you're up to tomorrow night, have fun!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Catching Up With October

I just checked the date of my last blog post and all I will say is that the last time I checked in, it was still summer. My bad. That's what a new school year will do to ya. I have an awesome class this year though, they are so spongey and ready to learn, I have been able to move at a much quicker pace than I am used to. We've been in school for 31 days and I've already covered the short vowels. That's a record for me, truly.
October is a great month for picture books and there are so many good ones. Here are just a few of my favourites.
Even though October is half over, I still want to share my Smart Board Math Problems. We do one of these problems every day to get Math class started, then we work on another problem from my 200 set in our binders.  My kids love using the Board to interact and solve each one. Here are just a few.

You can have a better look at the preview here. If you'd like to win a copy, leave me a comment and I'll choose a winner tomorrow.
This month has been so busy that when it was time for my daughter's 21st birthday and I was shopping for candles for her cake, they were all out of 2's and 1's, so instead of going somewhere else to find them, I bought three 7's instead. Teach much!? Aren't we always thinking of numbers differently?
But, she loved it just the same. This cake is awesome BTW, for the recipe click here.
Have a great weekend.