Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Pete the ShowStopper Cat

School started for me about a week or so ago. I have been in a First grade haze since then. I love them, they are incredibly cute, but oh my, I am wiped! I sound like a broken record all day long. Get your laces tied…quick like a bunny…good job…Is your name on it?…Well, where did you lose it?…What a smart class…Do you know your bus number?…Can you think of something else that begins with that sound?…Do you need to pee?…Try to choose a healthy snack…Criss cross…it needs a bit more glue…not too much!!! Help!

Anyway I needed to be rescued. And there was seriously only one thing that could save me. Meow.
He saves me every year. I haven't met a kid yet who doesn't love Pete the Cat. They are just mesmerized listening to the story and even more so when I play the song. I LOVE him. So I've been riding this Pete the Cat wave all week. They are hooked. Just click on any of the pics to download this Pete related stuff.

Despite my 1st grade haze, I have managed to update my Rules. They are a little bit Whole Brain Teaching, but not quite cause I haven't fully taken the plunge. But, if you think you can use them just click, there are 5 in total.
Even with my haze and general numbness all over, I love my Firsties. I put a smelly sticker on their Math work the other day and a little cutie said to me "I can't stop smelling my sticker Miss, I just can't control myself." Love that and totally get it!
Have a great week. Hope you found something here that you could use.