Thursday, 14 August 2014

Back to School, Some Freebies and a Little Pete the Cat

Well Back to School is fast approaching and I'm dreading getting ready for it. To get ready, I have been staying up extra late and sleeping in even later. Not sure how this is gonna help me in the long run, but I am really enjoying it right now. I am also trying not to worry about how early I will eventually have to get up. That is too scary to think about right now.
In the meantime, I have actually been working a bit. I re-vamped my Daily 5 posters to include an EEKK and I Pick poster.

Just click on either image for the download. 

I started making these sight words during the school year and never finished, so my word wall ended up being about half full. Bad I know. Anyway, I finally finished the first 100!

If you'd like to use them , just click on the cover below for the google doc.
Last but not least, I always start my year off with Pete the Cat. We read all his books, talk about how cute he is and do fun Pete stuff. This year, we're going to Write the Room - Pete style.

This pack is on sale in my TPT store right now. Leave me a comment with your e-mail and tell me what you love best about Pete, I'll chose a winner tomorrow.

Happy Back to School.


  1. Back to school ....ackkkkk. I like your prep for it, the staying up, sleeping in portion ;). Enjoy the final days !!

  2. I have to say that I'm pretty well back on schedule for back to school - it helps that my hubs is not a teacher and has to stay on schedule! Thank you so much for the sight word cards they are awesome - I LOVE freebies! I had a question about your Pete the Cat activities - I am a new teacher author (TPT seller) and I was wondering how the copyright works when you are basing an activity on a children's book? What's OK? and what's not?


  3. I start school on Monday! My kids always love listening to Pete the Cat! They would LOVE your packet!!!
    Mrs. Black's Bees

  4. I love your word cards and my student's love "Pete the Cat" He is so much fun.
    Thanks Erin