Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pete the Cat Patterns and a Math Freebie

Can you say TIRED! Grade One - 2 weeks down, 38 to go! The kids are winning. I want some of their energy. I know it will get better. But for right now, it is brutal. Thank goodness for Pete the Cat. My kids will do anything related to him. And they don't just do it, they do it with polish. Since we've been working on patterns, here is a bit of what we did today. I had my kids build the pattern first with cubes, before they did it on the Pete page.

If you think you can use it, just click right on the Pete page above or here.

I'm not quite ready to start adding in Math class yet, we need to graduate from patterns and sorting, but if you are already working on it,  I made some mini addition and subtraction posters for when my kids will be ready for this. You can click on either pic to download.

I hope your week is going great. Friday is a teacher work day for me, so time to breathe :)

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  1. We've been reading Pete and we're doing patterns so this is perfect. Thank you, Leslie!

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