Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My New Laminator and a Great Fall Story...

So... I got this awesome Fellowes laminator from a company called My Binding. And using it is loads of fun. I'm addicted!
During the first week of school, I had my kids draw pictures of themselves on a small piece of card stock and then, I laminated them. Once they were done, I just attached a piece of adhesive magnet to the back of each one and I used them to label their lockers. So quick and easy thanks to this laminator.

What more could a girl want?

Need an awesome Fall story? I read this one every Fall, it is pin drop quiet in my room every time I read this story. I LOVE it! It is such a simple story, but if you read it slowly and drag the words out, it will keep your kids guessing about the bear...They get the chance to spot different animals/birds on every page.
It is an awesome read aloud that you can use to do a retell or response with afterward.

Thursday of this week, my school will be devoted to this amazing guy.
More about him to come...

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Rainbow Names, Favourite Colours and a Fall Pack Giveaway!

Can you believe it's almost Fall? September has been a blur so far for me, so Fall has just sort of snuck up on me. My kids are finally starting to get into the groove of my routine and it's a great feeling. In the meantime, we made our portraits and rainbow names from Deanna's unit. I ended up using yarn for the hair cause I love the look of it. My kids had so much fun doing this!
Then we voted for our favourite colours. Red wins every time! In case you weren't sure kids LOVE to use post-its!!

And we read this great story Dogs by Emily Gravett. All of her books are awesome, but this one is my favourite. I have my kids choose their favourite dog after and then write about it.

And back to Fall, this is my new Fall pack, turning sentences into paragraphs. It's on sale in my TPT store right now. You can check it out here.
Happy Fall Y'All!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pete the Cat Patterns and a Math Freebie

Can you say TIRED! Grade One - 2 weeks down, 38 to go! The kids are winning. I want some of their energy. I know it will get better. But for right now, it is brutal. Thank goodness for Pete the Cat. My kids will do anything related to him. And they don't just do it, they do it with polish. Since we've been working on patterns, here is a bit of what we did today. I had my kids build the pattern first with cubes, before they did it on the Pete page.

If you think you can use it, just click right on the Pete page above or here.

I'm not quite ready to start adding in Math class yet, we need to graduate from patterns and sorting, but if you are already working on it,  I made some mini addition and subtraction posters for when my kids will be ready for this. You can click on either pic to download.

I hope your week is going great. Friday is a teacher work day for me, so time to breathe :)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Long Love Pete the Cat and a Freebie!

Well, I gotta tell ya - my love affair with Pete the Cat goes way back. It has been a year since I first discovered him and in all that time, I can safely say, he does not disappoint. I've got myself a new batch of kiddies, all bright and shiny with energy to burn and I read them a Pete the Cat story on Friday in an effort to calm them down and buy myself a little quietude and it worked! They LOVED him! I wish I could thank him. And they asked to hear that same story - I Love My Shoes over and over again all day long. So, of course I knew I needed to do something productive with this.

We did the activity above today and it was great, just perfect for beginning Firsties. In order to sequence the story a bit first, we acted it out with a few props.
I am so looking forward to reading more Pete this week. My kids love him as much as I do. If you'd like to download this activity, just click below.
This is the book that we used for this activity!
Have a great week!