Saturday, 25 May 2013

Your i-pad or mine?

So, we've been working with the i-pads in my class and it has been great! Every kid in my class has an i-pad for 2 weeks. I started this little adventure about a week ago and on the first day, opened with my i-pad rules. I only have 3 basic ones, but they must be followed or else...
Well, or else, I guess I'd have to take the i-pad away. But, it hasn't happened yet. Thankfully.
My rules

And here we are in action

I have been learning as I go, in which case I don't have a lot of techy advice for you. Wish I did. I have started out using Book Creator and my kids taught me stuff. It has been amazing so far. For my i-pad rules and all other things high tech, I go to my friend's website Teaching Geek.  It has helped me so much this past week. You can check it out by clicking on the link, above.

I also just started an Ocean unit and have been kinda making stuff up as I go along. Next week, we will literally explore the Ocean floor with A House for Hermit Crab. There are only 2 activities in this little packet, but if you can use it, just click on the pic, it's a freebie! 

And, last but not least, here is my latest pack, ConTroll your Printing

You can grab it in my TPT shop, or leave me a comment here to tell me how you do printing in your class and I'll pick a winner, tomorrow.
Going to play with my i-pad now...


  1. At the begging of the year we practice printing vis journal writing!

  2. Leslie! That is so fun that you get to have a class set for a bit! Did you have to share with the other staff throughout the year or are these new to your classroom? We had a fundraiser and the PTO is buying some iPad minis. I'm debating breaking down and buying a regular iPad for myself. I will NEED it, right?

    Oh, gosh...I think our handwriting has actually gotten worse as the year progressed! LOL! Have a nice, long weekend!
    Corinna :)

  3. Cute poster for ipads! We are supposed to be getting a few for next year. Can't wait! Your printing packet looks great! I am looking for something to help my kiddos with their handwriting size and neatness. Looks like a fun way to work on writing.