Saturday, 25 May 2013

Your i-pad or mine?

So, we've been working with the i-pads in my class and it has been great! Every kid in my class has an i-pad for 2 weeks. I started this little adventure about a week ago and on the first day, opened with my i-pad rules. I only have 3 basic ones, but they must be followed or else...
Well, or else, I guess I'd have to take the i-pad away. But, it hasn't happened yet. Thankfully.
My rules

And here we are in action

I have been learning as I go, in which case I don't have a lot of techy advice for you. Wish I did. I have started out using Book Creator and my kids taught me stuff. It has been amazing so far. For my i-pad rules and all other things high tech, I go to my friend's website Teaching Geek.  It has helped me so much this past week. You can check it out by clicking on the link, above.

I also just started an Ocean unit and have been kinda making stuff up as I go along. Next week, we will literally explore the Ocean floor with A House for Hermit Crab. There are only 2 activities in this little packet, but if you can use it, just click on the pic, it's a freebie! 

And, last but not least, here is my latest pack, ConTroll your Printing

You can grab it in my TPT shop, or leave me a comment here to tell me how you do printing in your class and I'll pick a winner, tomorrow.
Going to play with my i-pad now...

Friday, 17 May 2013

Five for Friday

Whew! What a whirlwind week we had. I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday fun.
For starters, it was our annual Spring Show at my school. I did a Pete the Cat number with my kids and I am waiting on the video, so that I can show you and you'll be impressed (I Hope) but....

1. I do have a pic of the other little number that I did with my Grade 1 girls, it was a ballet to the music The House at Pooh Corner, they were so cute!

2. And since I am now on a cute run, here is another cutie!! She finally had her appointment at the groomers and it was long overdue, she was beyond dirty. There was this grey stain on her neck from her collar, it was driving me nuts, I just wanted to see her white fur again. She's back to white now.

3. Meanwhile, in my class we have been hard at work on the 2nd half of our Baseball Math Centers, I had to split them up, couldn't do them all at once. My kids loved the baseball theme:)

4. My sweet daughter, Kailee started her summer job at the RCMP stables in Ottawa. Here is a pic, she is the one in the middle. I would LOVE to have her job and be around the horses all the time. And she is great at it too. I am so proud of her.

5. And finally I am off for the next four days (if you count today) it's like a mini vacay. In Canada, we celebrate the Queen's Birthday on Monday. Yippee!! LOVE the Queen! And I'm working on this.
Should be ready soon. Have a great weekend, Queen or no Queen.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dino Fun Continued...

Last time, I promise. This is the last time I will tell you about my Dinosaur stuff, but honestly I am just so proud of my kids. So this is the report part of this project. Once my kids chose a Dinosaur, they had to write a report on it. I gave them a step by step plan and they had to follow it and write their report in good copy.  Here's a sample.

And then, here is the Dinosaur he made to go along with it.

So, tomorrow, I start 2 weeks with a class set of these babies. I am pumped. I'll keep you posted. 
Day 1 - ipad rules. A little boring, but necessary. Then we are gonna take some school pics, can't wait!!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dino Fun

We finally finished our Dinosaur Unit and topped it all off by making our own Dinosaurs. I tried to arrange the pics so you could see the progression.

Apparently, we like to take our shoes off to paint, I never even noticed it until I looked at the pics. I LOVE this project and one of the little things that makes it work so well is that every firstie has their own personal roll of masking tape. It's a must! I'll miss the Dinosaurs, it has been so much fun in my class for the past 2 weeks. This Art Project and the Research Report that goes along with it are all in this pack.

And of course, I'm sure you know there's a TPT sale right now, thought I'd tell you anyway.
Graphic courtesy of the very talented Ashley Hughes.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Don't Let Insects Bug You Freebie

I really really want to tell you what I got my Mom for Mother's Day, but alas, I cannot cause she reads my blog. Not every day mind you, but I can't take the chance that she might. So, you'll have to wait, but it's so, so nice and I kinda had to make a part of it and that's what I want to tell/show you...Anyway, I will soon, promise.

I just finished up a little freebie for y'all. It's insect themed and will give your kids some addition and graphing practice. If you end up downloading it, I wanted to explain that for both graphing activities, there is a rectangular box, sort of off to the side. I use this so that my kids write down every person's initials in the class first and then as they ask each person, they write the answer down and then cross the name off. Have you ever watched kids very excited to go around with their little clipboards asking the survey question then they forget who they asked and the graph just doesn't add up. Been there, done that! Not anymore though. I tell my kids now that their graphs need to reflect the number of kids in the class and when they do it correctly, it does add up. I'm tough aren't I?  But, seriously though, they rise to the challenge. You can click on any of these pics to download.

Head on over to Freebielicious for more great ideas.

Thanks to everyone who entered my Groovy Giveaway, I really appreciate it. The winner was Noelle Pickering who recieves a $25 TPT gift certificate, a Melonheadz bundle and some great Stampin Up stuff!