Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Schemasaurus and Other Scary Dinosaurs

We started our Dinosaur Unit this week. It's probably my favourite unit. I LOVE watching my kids get interested in it. So, we kicked it all off with activating our schema, something I learned about from Debbie Miller and then got to see in action on Mrs. Jump's Class blog. I gave it a bit of a different twist with the Schemasaurus and we recorded all the things we already know about dinosaurs. I will add to this as we go along, there is still some room on his tail and legs...

Yesterday, we spent a lot of time reading non fiction books about the T-Rex and then coming up with some fun nicknames for him. I had my kids choose a minimum of 3 different names, but then they had to justify their choices (in writing). Captain Carnivore was really popular with my kids. You can click on either pic to download.
And then we labelled him...
So far, so fun! You can check my unit out in the preview pic below or here

If you'd like a copy, I'll give it to the first 4 Dinosaur lovin people who comment.


  1. We always end the year with dinosaurs. First graders love it! I actually have a story I wrote when I was in first grade about dinosaurs. I read it to my class every year. They get a big kick out of it! This year I have a student who is a 'dino expert'. I think I could probably let him teach the class. He's actually writing a nonfiction story about prehistoric times right now in writers workshop!

  2. Your dinosaur unit looks ferioucious! I would love it but my kids will probably love it even more than me! Thanks so much! :-)


  3. I would LOVE to have this!!


  4. Hi Leslie,
    Your schemasaurus is too cute! You always have such great ideas for making learning fun and meaningful for kids. Keep it up!
    ♥Teaching Fabulous Firsties!♥

  5. This is too cute!
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  6. Love teaching dinosaurs to the little ones! You always have such great units!

  7. Hehehe, I love the "schemasaurus" idea! I am still chuckling! Angie : )

  8. We love your Schemasaurus!! What a great way to incorporate background knowledge with dinosaurs!!! AMAZING!

  9. Thanks Ladies:) I try to make it interesting! I'm so happy you like the idea. If you get a minute, stop by my blog, I'm having a Giveaway and would love for you to enter!