Sunday, 28 April 2013

Easy Peasy Art

O.K. so here is my latest bulletin board...
The flowers - got that idea from a teacher friend, but the bees, that's all me! This art project is so easy, you will want to do it. First, the flowers. You just need a piece of blue construction paper 8.5 X 5 and a  cupcake/muffin liner, some sequins and a small strip of green construction paper. I show my kids how to make a stem and two leaves and then just let them go. That's why all the stems are sooooo different. As for the bee, I made tracers on cardboard (I actually just use cereal boxes) and my kids traced them onto yellow construction paper and then added black felt for the stripes, so that the bees are nice and soft when you touch 'em. The wings are just a piece of doily coloured black. Voila - DONE! If you want to try it, you can click on the bees to download the outline. It's not perfect cause I did it freehand. 

While I've got ya here, I would love for you to enter my Giveaway. Click on the pic to take you there!
Hope ya win:)

Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Groovy Giveaway

Hi there! I thought this would be a good time to tell you that I am having a Groovy Giveaway! It's your chance to win some great prizes and my chance to say thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving sweet comments and just being there to read my posts. I appreciate it. So... you have the chance to win 3 things. The first is a $25 TPT gift certificate, then, a bundle of your choice from my friend Nikki at Melonheadz and last, but not least, $20 worth of Stampin Up products from my sweet follower Rachel. Sure hope you enter! And good luck.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Name of the Tree

I want to share a heartwarming story with you. It's about a little boy in 2nd grade who was just recently diagnosed with cancer. His name is Taten. My friend Jennifer at Runde's Room is having a sale today in her TPT store and she will be donating all the money to Taten's family. Jennifer has awesome products, so if you need anything,  head over to her TPT store and support this sweet boy and his family. You can read more about Taten's story here

Tomorrow is Earth Day, are you ready for it? In case you missed my Earth Day freebie, you can grab it again by clicking on the pic below.
But, I also wanted to share with you an amazing story that can be read any day, but it seems more fitting for tomorrow. 
The Name of the Tree. It is up there in my top 10 and here is why. For one, it is so beautiful, both for the illustrations and the story itself. It is set in Africa and is about a group of animals who set out to find food, during a drought. They discover a tree with lovely, colourful fruit on it, but they cannot reach the fruit until they figure out the name of the tree. And it is only the Lion who knows the name. So, the animals take turns going to see the lion to know the name of the tree, but they end up forgetting it on the journey back. It is the turtle, who perseveres and saves the day returning to tell the other animals that the name of the tree is Ungalli. And so they are saved. My kids walk around chanting Ungalli, Ungalli, the name of the tree is Ungailli after I've read it to them.

You just feel good reading this story to your kids, it has such a hopeful message. I also love it cause my mentor teacher, at my school, introduced it to me. She has read it to her class every year all the time she's been teaching. She retired a few years ago and we put together a little farewell video for her. It was students and teachers sharing their memories of her over the years. And the class that was graduating that year (cause my school is also a High School) appeared in the video one by one and each one of them told her how much they loved the stories she had read to them all those years ago and that they all still remembered that the name of the tree was Ungali. It was heart wrenching, it really was. So, if you can get your hands on it, not just for Earth Day, but anytime, it is worth it.

I wish you a Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Schemasaurus and Other Scary Dinosaurs

We started our Dinosaur Unit this week. It's probably my favourite unit. I LOVE watching my kids get interested in it. So, we kicked it all off with activating our schema, something I learned about from Debbie Miller and then got to see in action on Mrs. Jump's Class blog. I gave it a bit of a different twist with the Schemasaurus and we recorded all the things we already know about dinosaurs. I will add to this as we go along, there is still some room on his tail and legs...

Yesterday, we spent a lot of time reading non fiction books about the T-Rex and then coming up with some fun nicknames for him. I had my kids choose a minimum of 3 different names, but then they had to justify their choices (in writing). Captain Carnivore was really popular with my kids. You can click on either pic to download.
And then we labelled him...
So far, so fun! You can check my unit out in the preview pic below or here

If you'd like a copy, I'll give it to the first 4 Dinosaur lovin people who comment.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Measure Me and an Earth Day Freebie!

I've been heavy into Measurement in my class. We've been measuring everything, including each other.

My kids look a little terrified in each picture, like - NO, don't hurt me! But, they had fun, the pics don't do it justice. I love to teach measurement, there are no limits in a unit like that, you can let your imagination flow. And they did most of their measuring with any non standard unit they could find. 

I know that Earth Day is going to sneak up on me, so I got a head start on it with this mini packet. Here's a peek at it - there are a couple of word problems, some ABC order and a writing activity.

All graphics for this packet are courtesy of Nikki from Melonheadz Illustrating and Krista from Creative Clips.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Thankful on Thursday and a Spring Math Freebie

Just dropping in quickly to tell you that I am Thankful on Thursday - a linky with Tara from and they all fall down. May I just say that I am so thankful that I and I alone saw the skunk on the trail today when I was walking my dog and she DIDN'T see it!! Cause if she had, I would have been knee deep in skunk dog right about now. She got sprayed once a few years ago, it took months for that smell to go away, it just lingered for such a long time...
Here are some Spring Math freebies for ya! There's a little bit of addition, subtraction, missing addends and comparing sums, hope it helps you out. I find it's great review for my kids right about now.
Click on any of the pics to download.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Some Bunny Loves You and a Place Value Freebie

I've been wanting, for a while, to link up with Christina from Bunting Books and Bainbridge for her linky Some Bunny Loves Your Blog.
So, just wanted to honour Corinna at Teaching Fabulous Firsties, she is one of my blogging besties. We both started our blogging journey at the same time and love to help each other out. And I always read her blog and am so impressed with her creations. She knows the Common Core inside out and I'm still learning about it. Whenever I need a little firstie inspiration, she is my go to girl. 
Onto a freebie and another link up, this time, I am linking up with Freebielicious for their freebie on the first.
Here is a little Math freebie for ya! You can add it to a Spring Math Center or use it, just on its own. It's got some place value practice, which all firsties can use.  Click on the pic below to download.
Wishing you a great week, especially if you're on Spring break!