Thursday, 17 January 2013

Making Snow Connections

I'm always working on connections. It never stops. This week, we've been reading snow stories and connecting with those in every way that we can. I try to start things off slowly cause I've discovered, over the years, that making a connection to something we've read does not just happen. The foundation has to be laid and it has taken me up until this point in the school year to properly lay that foundation. So now, my kids are finally writing these connections down and I am so happy.  If you are ever searching for a winter time story that every kid in your class will connect to, here it is...

Even the most reluctant connector in your class will connect to this - cause believe me, every kid (at least the ones who have even slightly cold winters) has lost a mitten. Plus, it's a sweet story. Here are some other great winter/snow connect books.
I started this week with just connecting to a picture. My kids drew the picture from the story that reminded them of something in their life, also a picture. They were also encouraged to connect to a character or to something that happened in the story. From there we moved on to more writing about the connection and it went well. You can peek at it below.

If you want to try any of this, you can download the connect sheets I used here

Hope that helps you a bit.


  1. I am making a connection because I have read almost all of these books :) Couldn't resist......

  2. Love the sheets, Leslie! Thanks so much!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter