Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Back to School and a Freezin Fact Family Freebie

I went back to school today, well actually yesterday, but it doesn't really count cause yesterday I was still a free agent. I could come and go as I please, eat whenever I felt like it, go wherever I wanted to go in my school, visit who I wanted to visit. It was kinda like my holiday, only not in jammies. No little ones yet.

But, today....reality hit. My kids came back and I was so happy to see them. We had a great day. We got all of our work done, my desk is still neat and tidy, the class is so organized. I'm wondering how long that will last. I'm guessing about 2 more days and then my desk will be piled underneath so much stuff, my kids will not get it all done in one day and things will get messy again. I'm thinking that's probably the way it is supposed to be, I mean, they are 6 year olds after all.

I am, however, trying my best to keep things like they are now, we'll see...

So, we have started really exploring fact families and getting used to finding and recording all 4 facts. I was short one center for the center activities we are starting, so I made a fact family center to add to what I already had. Here's a peek...

You can click on any of the pics above to download. 
Fingers crossed that I stay ultra organized.  


  1. This is great for fact family practice! Thanks for sharing :-)

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

  2. Your items are adorable! I just had my blog created by the Honey Bunch and saw your blog there. I was hoping you might consider linking up some of these "CUTE" products to my first ever "Too Cute Tuesday" linky party @ PlanningZone.blogspot.com