Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Night Tree Connecting

Today, I am linking up with DeAnne from First Grade and Fabulous to share with you my favorite December holiday story.
I should say Tonight cause I just got home from our evening Christmas Concert and I want to sleep, but I'm so revved up, you know the feeling. Oh and yes I have school tomorrow, bright and early. Trying to wind down, but it isn't happening and I know when I hear the alarm in the morning I WILL want to cry. Anyway, I digress...
This is my all time favorite Christmas story
It is such a sweet tale. Honestly, my kids were as quiet as mice while I read. I think it was partly due to my love for the book. When I love a book I am reading to my kids, it always shines through and I'm convinced they feel it too. The Grade 3 teacher came into my room while I was reading to drop something off and she ended up staying cause she fell in love with the story and wanted to see how it ended. Basically, it is the story of a family who visit this beautiful tree in the forest every year at Christmas time. They bring food to put on the tree for the animals to eat and it is heart warming, especially the closeness you feel from the family. It is a fairly easy connect book. Connections are just starting to take hold in my class, especially when it comes to the writing, so I needed to keep it simple. We worked on a text to self connection for Night Tree and I narrowed it down to just picture or character. When they are ready, I'll expand on the connecting. 

Since I do have school tomorrow, we'll finish working on these. If Night Tree connecting is something you can use, just click on the pic above. If you're already on vacation, I wish you a great one. If you're not quite there yet, we'll celebrate together tomorrow.


  1. Merry Christmas Leslie !!! Have a great day tomorrow :)

  2. Looks great! Thanks for linking up! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous