Saturday, 8 December 2012

Couch Time and Guess My Number

This past week, I came down with some sort of scaredy pants flu, like it was BAD. I felt kinda funny on Wednesday, got home from school and hit the couch. I couldn't move from there after that. My head was pounding so hard, it was painful just to turn it. And sleep. I slept for 3 days straight, day and night! Finally, the couch and I broke up this morning. He'll get over it. I feel so much better. But, one of the best things that happened during my couch hiatus was my sub. She is a great friend of mine and she retired from teaching 1st grade, 2 years ago. So, she called me the first night I was couch bound and uttered the 5 words that teachers everywhere dream of hearing, but rarely ever do. Are you ready for this? She said to me - I DON'T NEED LESSON PLANS. I know right.  Despite the pounding in my brain, I could still hear the angels singing. So, she winged it - beautifully I might add. I cannot even begin to think about what to get her for Christmas, trust me, it'll be good.

Even though Christmas is in full swing in my class and I'm sure yours too, I thought I would share something I use year round cause it just works so well. I call it Guess My Number, it's a Math game. Basically, in 1st grade we play it as a whole class activity. So, one child chooses a number from 1 to 120 and keeps it a secret. I have that person come in front, just makes it easier. The rest of us can ask 10 and only 10 questions to the child in front in order to be able to guess the number. The trick is that the questions have to be asked so that only a YES or NO answer is given. For example, the child in front chooses 77 as their number and the first question is  - is it greater that 50? Answer - YES. And we continue like that, trying to ask questions that narrow the field. My kids are so good at it now, they can get it in 7 questions or less. I keep track of how many questions have been asked and usually I don't allow them to guess the number until it has been fairly well narrowed down. And guesses count as questions.

It will bring out the best in your kids, truly. They will be using their Math vocabulary without even really knowing it. Typical questions are - Is it even? Is it a 1 digit number? Does it have a 5 in the ones place? Is it less than 50? If they are able to guess in 10 or less, it becomes the next child's turn, usually whoever had the correct guess. If not, the child in front has another turn. Here is the number chart I use. I put it up on my smart board and that way I can cross out rows of numbers that have been eliminated as the questions are asked. Try it, you'll love it! Just click on the chart.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Glad you are feeling better! Don't you love a great sub? Love the activity, I'm going to try it.


  3. Glad you are feeling better !!!! Funny, a great friend of mine used to supply when she first retired and she never wanted plans AND she always wanted to do my bulletin boards. She was amazing but sadly now is officially, really retired. Thanks for the cute game idea :)

  4. We play a variation of that. It's a good game!!
    I'm glad you're feeling better now. I'm sick too with a lung infection and a good friend and retired grade one teacher is also in for me!! We're so lucky:)Barbara
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