Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Oh The Places You Can Read

The Daily 5 has been in full swing in my class for a while now. I won't tell you how many minutes we're up to yet cause I'm a little behind where I should be. I have noticed something about my little read to selfers though. They love to read in nooks and crannies around my classroom. It's really cute! I allow them to read anywhere they would like, as long as they are comfortable and they have enough light. These are the places they like: corners, under desks (especially mine), and any other place that is cozy. Who can blame them? I grew up reading Nancy Drew in a corner of my parent's kitchen, closest to the
heater.  And not the paperback Nancy Drew of today, the old hard covers. I devoured them.

So, those are the places they love to read.

They also love to sharpen their pencils. And unfortunately when it comes to pencil crayons - both ends.  
I really really want the quietest pencil sharpener in the room. Can you hear the whining in my voice. Like really really want one. I have begged the owner of these pencil sharpeners for one, but he stands firm on his can't ship to Canada policy. But.... my friend Corinna at Teaching Fabulous Firsties is having a quietest pencil sharpener Giveaway. So, I've been scheming  thinking that if I win her Giveaway, they would have to find a way to get it to me. Right? I mean they'd have to cause I'd be the winner, you know!? Anyway, if you would like to enter, just click on the pencil sharpener below and good luck.
Really really...want one. 
Happy Thanksgiving


  1. I LOVE my quietest pencil sharpener! It is really amazing. We have been using it for 3 months and the kids haven't broken it yet!! (This doesn't sound like very long but it really is for my kiddos!) I got mine by writing a review on my blog! You should try to do the same, the details are on their website. :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac
    Second Grade Freebies

  2. Love the Daily Five and finding cozy spots to read....your orange chairs are very groovy :)

  3. I love seeing all of the places your kiddos love to read!

    I would be happy to ship the pencil sharpener to you if you want to work out some plan. Just let me know. =)

    Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend.

    Heather's Heart

  4. That really stinks that he won't ship to you! Wonder why..... I found you through Tori's Teacher Tips blog and am your newest follower. Stop by sometime!
    Fun in 1st Grade