Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bubblegum Patterns

We've been working on patterns in my class this week. And I have to say, my kids are just naturally getting the hang of it. Lucky for me. They are so into it, in fact, that they end up finding circles on the back of their snack wrapper and then they rush up to show me that, it is a pattern also. Love that excitement! First graders are so easily excitable, I actually wish I could be a bit more like that.  I am trying to think of something that excites me to that same level, and I would have to say, it's probably coffee. Starbucks coffee. I need to get out more.

So here is one of the anchor charts I made for patterns.

The little bubblegum machines at the bottom are something I made to try and make it more fun.

And then we did this worksheet to go with the bubblegum. 
You can click anywhere on all that bubblegum to download. 
Have a great weekend!

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