Monday, 16 July 2012

Picture Book Linky Party

Good Monday morning to you. So, I am linking up with Lindsey -The Teacher Wife for a picture book sharing.
 I am addicted to picture books, spend hours looking for just the right one.  I am convinced that we do such a fantastic job with a read aloud when we are in love with the book. Here are my top 5 books I love...
The Night I Followed the Dog
I love this story about a boy who wonders what his "uninteresting" dog does at night after he sees him getting out of a limousine in a tux. So, he decides to follow his dog the next night and what he discovers shows a side of his dog he never knew. The illustrations just make the story even more of an adventure.
Charlie Anderson
So, now onto cats. Charlie Anderson is about a cat who wanders into the lives of two sisters and they love him immediately. He becomes their cat, but he mysteriously disappears into the woods each morning and is gone all day. They eventually discover that they are not the only ones who love and take care of Charlie. 
Please Louise
This is a great story about a boy named Sam whose younger sister Louise just torments him constantly, follows him everywhere and just wants to be around him. Finally, he gets fed up with all her tagging along and wishes for aloneness. But, it's a be careful what you wish for story, cause in the end, he really does want his sister near him. It is a great connect book for kids, especially kids with a younger sibling.
Little Beauty
Little Beauty - I love this book. It's a story of a unique friendship between a tiny kitten and a gorilla. And how, in the end, they would do anything for each other. Also, a great connect book.
The Stranger
Last but not least is The Stranger by Chris van Allsburg. I read it every fall to a new group of kids and every year I wait to see how they are going to interpret it cause frankly I am still trying to figure it out myself and I love to hear a 6 year old's take on it.  I love the mystery of it and that it just keeps you wondering. 
You can click on each book to buy.
Thanks Lindsey for the great sharing idea:)  


  1. These books look great! I haven't heard of most of them - Now I need to somehow win a giftcard to Amazon so I can buy them all!!

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  2. Please Louise looks really cute:) I'm your newest follower! I've linked up too.

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  3. Little Beauty sounds like such a great story! I haven't heard of some of these books, so thanks for sharing them with us! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. Thank you for sharing your favs with us! I've never heard of some of your picks! My book wishlist is growing bigger every time I visit a link up!

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  5. I'm visiting through the Linky Party. Don't you just love picture books?!!? Your top 5 look "groovy" and so does your blog! ;) I'm your newest follower. Come by when you get a chance.

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  6. I LOVE Charlie Anderson. Such a cute book. I think this is a good way to explain divorce to children and how you have to visit both families and both families love you.
    The Hive

  7. Thank you for sharing your classroom pet (coyote) story! I know what you mean about the students being protective over him. I keep thinking I need to get a bag that zips because it is so full and bound to have the journal fall in a puddle one day! I love your post above even though I teach 4th grade. I use "The Stranger" in my grade and I am always looking for good books to share at home with my little ones:) Happy blogging!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  8. What a great list of books. I will have to find Little Beauty, it sounds like one I would love! I am now your 41st follower :)
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  9. I'm going to have to add The Night I Followed the Dog to my classroom library! It will blend in with all my other dog books. :-)

  10. I also have The Night I Followed the Dog, the kids just love it! If you didn't already know... Storyline Online is a great streaming program that shows videos of actors reading aloud picture books! The Night I Followed the Dog is on there - check it out!

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  11. I also had Charlie Anderson on my favorite list!

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  12. Thanks for sharing...these are books that I need to add to my list! Thanks so much for sharing! If you have time check out my blog!
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  13. Charlie Anderson is such a great book. I also love The Stranger along with many other books by Chris Van Allsburg.

    We think your blog is super cute and are your newest followers. We are giving you an award. Stop by our blog to check it out.

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  14. Thank you for reminding me about Charlie Anderson. I LOVE that book.

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  15. The Stranger looks like a great book with beautiful illustrations. I'll have to check it out!

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  16. These are some great book selections. Thanks for checking out our blog, we're your newest followers!

  17. Oops! We forgot to tell you that we nominated you for two blog awards! Stop by to check them out.

  18. Have you read "For the Love on Autumn" by Patricia Polacco? Its similar to "Charlie Anderson." It is a great way to teach text-to-text connections.


  19. Leslie, I'm back to let you know that I nominated you for an award!! Stop by my blog to get it!

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  20. Thanks for the great suggestions. Your blog is darling. How do you get it to use such a cute font for the posts? Still trying to figure out this whole blogging thing.

  21. I just found your blog through the linky party and I am so glad I did!
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  22. Thanks for sharing your favorites! I haven't heard of a lot of them - I definitely need to check them out! I have awarded you with One Lovely Blog Award! To pick it up, please visit me at :)