Monday, 25 June 2012

Pete the Cat

I love Pete the Cat, he's my hero. And I think the reason that I like him so much is because he just so totally goes with the flow. Oh I got my white shoes dirty - doesn't matter that they're red now cause I love my red shoes too. I think if Pete the Cat were a person he'd be a great friend. If you invited him over for supper and promised him tuna, but then forgot to do your shopping and had to explain to him that all you had in the house was peanut butter, he'd be fine with it.  I love my peanut butter. And I can't believe that I only just discovered him lately, where has he been all this time?  To honour him, I made a word search for my kids, who I think love him as much as I do. You can click on the picture to download.

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  1. OMG! This has to be one of the cutest blogs I have seen! I love it.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and congrats on your award.