Sunday, 10 June 2012

I Love the Daily 5

I love the Daily 5, it changed how I was able to do things in my classroom.  Who knew that during the school day you could actually have a group of students around your table and listen to them read in silence!!  I love it! I have read and re-read the Daily 5 book.  Now when the Daily 5 is running well in my classroom, I have to say, I look forward to that time of day, when I just have a small group of kids with me and I can do Guided Reading with them - uninterrupted.  So...I wanted another way for my kids to remember what they needed to be doing at each activity, yes we had the I-Charts, but I wanted something else that would make remembering the task easier, so I came up with RIGHT.  Use RIGHT to remember. Here's what it looks like for Read to Self.

And when I say Time to read I mean essentially read the whole time, I just couldn't fit that in exactly.  But I tried to take the most important elements for each Daily 5 component and make it work with RIGHT.  And my kids love it. Now if someone is off task or unsure (especially when you begin in the fall) I just do a quick RIGHT reminder - "Are you Writing the RIGHT way?" And that's all it takes.  You can click below to download RIGHT for all 5 components of the Daily 5.   



  1. I totally love this!! Thank you for sharing it! =)

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  2. I'm so happy you like it. It has helped me a lot. Hope it helps you just as much! If you want you could become my newest and 3rd follower :) I would love that.

    1. Hi Leslie! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is so cute and I believe I might be your newest follower...if not close to it! :-) I love your Daily 5 Poster and how you made it fit with the word "RIGHT." That makes it easier for the students to remember. Now I have something I can share with my grade level next year! I know they will love it too! Thanks for sharing!

      Amber @